STAB MAG "The Lowtide MFG Team Grips It And Motherf&%$ing Rips It"

Stick and destroy" is their mantra. 

Traction pads – from an objective standpoint, they're soft, they're squishy, they keep your feet where they need to be. 

But at Stab we're suckers for creative branding, meaning that when a prototypical hard-good is matched with an audiovisual flavor we can not only feel but literally taste (it's metallic!), well you just know we're gonna eat that shit up. 

We already talked about Lowtide MFG's launch back in early June, but after their recent promotional video knocked our $20 sox off, we figured it was only fair we shower them with even more love and admiration. 

So stand up, rip your motherfucking shirt off and get ready to rage with the Lowtide team in this four-minute power flick. If this doesn't get you psyched to throw huge airs and land hazardously in the flats, we're afraid nothing will.

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